CBS All Access on Roku

You can actually watch CBS All Access on the Roku device without subscribing to cable. There are some great TV Shows, sports and news that you can enjoy on this versatile entertainment channel. Along with this, users can also get CBS Sports, CBS News, and CBS NFL; for all the tennis fans, even the upcoming Australian Open Tennis 2019.

Watch CBS All Access

With CBS All Access, users get access to more than 10,000 on demand episodes on Roku devices. There are some late night shows, day time and prime time shows in addition to all the network broadcast shows. Along with the channel, viewers also get to enjoy CBS Broadcast that provides local live television depending upon your location. Overall, users can enjoy a vast array of shows at low monthly prices. There are basically, two plans available, one that comes with limited commercials and the other that is free of commercials. While both the tiers offer two simultaneous streams, you can enjoy live and on-demand content on the ‘limited commercials’ package.

CBS News

In 2016, the CBS News also won the Webby award for the best News and Information Channel in the online film and video category. You can find the channel icon in the TOP FREE area on Roku 3, since it is absolutely free and does not involve any payments. Click and launch the app to join the live stream that is currently available. Watch a wide variety of news coverage including CBS Evening News, Face the Nation and much more on the channel.

CBS Sports

If you enjoy sports then, you must get CBS Sports the 24-hour sports news network, available on Roku. Go to the player’s virtual keypad platform and punch in the keywords ‘CBS’ and it will provide you with a list of channels that you can choose from. From this list, click on CBS News followed by ADD CHANNEL and finally, press OK. Launch the channel and it will take you directly into a live sports event currently being broadcast.


The National Football League or NFL games are produced by CBS Sports, in the United States. For branding purposes, the broadcast is known as NFL on CBS. In an agreement last year, CBS All Access announced that NFL games can be streamed on CBS till 2022. NFL is a separate category on CBS.

Watch CBS All Access on Roku

Watch CBS All Access on Roku

CBS Tennis – Australian Open Tennis 2019

Watch the Australian Open Tennis 2019 tournament on CBS Sports. Open the channel to get a whole selection of categorized information according to different sporting activities. If the channel is a trending live action sport like tennis then, you will even find it under the TOP VIDEOS category.

CBS All Access Shows

Some of the latest shows that you can enjoy on CBS All Access are:

  • Tell Me a Story – an American web television series
  • One Dollar – A mystery set in post-recession America
  • Strange Angel – About a blue-collared worker in the 1930s
  • No Activity – Focuses on the misadventures of players
  • Star Trek Discovery – A decade before Kirk’s mission
  • After Trek – Recaps of the latest Star Trek: Discovery Show
  • The Good Fight – Expelled lawyers join forces to clear their names

How to Activate CBS All Access?

  • You might need a CBS All Access Account to get the channel activated on the Roku. Additionally, you will also need an activation code to complete the linking of the account with the streaming player
  • Basically, you can get the channel on your Roku player in two ways. You can use your remote to add the channel or add the channel through your mobile device or the laptop to your account.


  • Click on the HOME button on the remote of the Roku to go to the Main Screen
  • Select the STREAMING CHANNELS menu and enter the Roku Channel Store
  • Here, you should find CBS ALL ACCESS under the MOVIES & TV category
  • Once you select ADD CHANNEL against the icon, you can visualize it on the home screen

Desktop / Mobile

  • Go to and then, click on the SIGN IN button
  • For an existing account this will help you view the details of your profile when you enter your credentials
  • If you do not have an account, you can always click on the CREATE A ROKU ACCOUNT button

CBS All Access Roku

  • Launch the channel on the streaming player after you have added it
  • As the screen opens, you will see a WELCOME screen
  • Click on SIGN UP FOR CBS ALL ACCESS if you are a new user
  • This can help you create a CBS All Access account for a subscription
  • Alternatively, if you have already subscribed then, click on SIGN IN and thereafter, simply follow the guide for activation

Channel Activation

You can now perform the process with the help of the activation code that you receive. Signing into the channel can be accomplished from either the Welcome screen on the TV, or from the ON ROKU button on the SIGN IN screen. On Roku’s screen you have to enter your Roku account information. This is also where you obtain the activation code.

  • Now, go to and enter the activation code displayed on the TV at the ENTER CODE field
  • Click on the ACTIVATE button and after a confirmation message click on SUBMIT
  • If you do not receive a message confirming the activation of the CBS All Access Channel then, you may want to cross-check if you have entered the code correctly
  • But activation does take some time, so it is best advised to wait
  • Selecting GET NEW CODE in between the activation process can disrupt the syncing of the account and channel

CBS All Access DirecTV

While CBS All Access technically does compete with other streaming services, it is now available on DirecTV Now as well. Watch live TV on this premiere single network streaming service without cable subscription. You also get to enjoy exclusive content such as Star Trek: Discovery and even CBS Online. DirecTV Now upped the wager for those who were debating about various other options to watch CBS All Access.

CBS All Access Channel Activation Support

Experts at are available 24/7 to assist you with any information that you require on CBS All Access. Check with them to install and launch the CBS channel and activate it.

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