Many people are using Roku as their primary streaming player for entertainment purposes. It’s usual getting some issues with electronic devices and Roku is no exception in this matter. Users may face some errors during the Roku com link setup, and channel activation etc. But it will be a big hassle, if nothing is displayed on the TV, even after the Roku device is switched on. This is somewhat a big conundrum for the users, because they don’t have any clue to rectify this error because of zero output on the TV display.

How Do I Connect Roku Player to the TV?

Roku streaming players and sticks are able to power up by direct connection with the power outlet and from the TV. Sometimes, the TV is unable to regulate sufficient power to the Roku device, and because of this, an issue may arise. You can simply solve this by connecting the Roku device to the power outlet with the help of the power adapter.Some alterations in selecting input can help to resolve this issue. This blog is all about to solve the troubles in the device.

Troubleshooting Steps –

Proceed with the following measures to resolve this display error on your Roku device.

Connection Problem

Always prefer to connect your Roku device directly to the TV. In some cases like connecting the Roku player to the AVR device can cause troubles because of any faults in the AVR device. If you have connected your device using the AVR, in the first place, disconnect it and plug directly to the TV.In the meantime, check whether the TV is in power on mode or not. And also, check if the Roku player is turned on, without any standby screensaver mode.

Wrong Input Source

This is the most common error that every user can face.

  • The TV has a number of video inputs and plugging in the Roku device cable to a wrong port can lead to a no display error.
  • You should give some extra attention while selecting this input and the input should match with the device cable configuration.
  • Mostly, all TVs have inputs such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AUX, VIDEO IN 1 etc.
  • Based on your TV configuration, you should select this input.
  • Select it rightly and press the INPUT/SOURCE/AUD/ TV/VIDEO button on your TV remote.
  • Select the appropriate input from the choice of inputs shown on the TV.

Faulty Connection

  • The ‘No display’ error can arise not only because of selecting the wrong input, but also can be due to improper connection.
  • Check the video cable between the player and the HDMI port on the TV,should be firmly connected.
  • If it is a Roku streaming stick, try to connect it firmly by giving a gentle push over the stick.
  • However, if the ‘No display’ problem exists then, try out with a new cable and make a firm connection.

Roku TV Issue

  • If the above-mentioned steps are not the cause for ‘No display’ issue then, probably your TV is defective.
  • First, turn off your TV and Roku device and check if all the connections are firm.
  • Then again power on the devices and check the display.
  • Connect the cable to another HDMI port if an alternate port is available on your TV.

Mostly after the above steps, the trouble is with the TV inputs. Try to connect the Roku Streaming player with a different TV. And check, if the problem is with the TV input or any other connectors. Finally, check out by reconnecting all the cables between the inputs, including the power cord wire.

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