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32 teams divided between the AFC or American Football Conference and the National Football Conference or NFC come together to play professional league games known as NFL or the National Football League. These games are estimated to attract a mammoth audience that is intent on catching every minute of their favourite teams.

NFL on Roku | NFL Games

NFL Games on Roku

NFL Sports Schedule

Enjoy all your favourite games, such as:

  • The Sunday Night Football – this is usually one of the premier weekly games. NBC retains transmission for this one.
  • Monday Night Football – Users can get access to ESPN, every week to watch
  • AFC Games – CBS SPORTS broadcasts this one
  • NFC Games – Get FOX Sports for this one – the channel is the primary broadcaster of NFC
  • NFL Sunday Ticket – You should have a DirecTV subscription to enjoy this
  • For other clips and highlights – Get Sling TV with the NFL Redzone. You have to add the sports pack on
  • Watch preseason games and on-demand sports content – Get the NFL Channel from where you can get to NFL Game Pass for about $99

Channels to Stream NFL on Roku

You have more than one way, in which you can watch NFL games.

Sling TV

  • The app covers NBC Sports that lets you watch Sunday Night Football
  • Besides, you can stream ESPN out of its base package as well to watch Monday Night Football
  • Get WatchESPN also known as ESPN3 with Sling TV’s add-on sports package
  • The NFL Network streams on Sling TV as well. Get this to watch Thursday Night Football
  • You get FOX SPORTS as well on Sling TV. Subscribe to the channel to watch the NFC games on Roku

Packages and Subscription

Consisting of packages that cost $25 to $40, Sling TV is truly a cord-cutter’s dream. With several premier channels available at the base Orange package itself, the channel provides you with other benefits too, as you increase subscription fees. Avoid a massive monthly bill and still watch all your favourite NFL sports programming with Sling TV.

NFL on Roku With Hulu Live

  • The app streams some prominent entertainment, Hulu with Live TV is known for its live sports programming
  • On the channel you can watch NBC Sports, ESPN, and the NFL Network, CBS channel for AFC games and Fox for NFC games
  • One of the biggest benefits of Hulu with Live is its easy-to-navigate interface that lets you move effectively from one choice to another
  • The service does quantify user tastes and experiences to provide recommendations of newer content
  • Go the ‘Sports’ menu on the channel to drop down all the channels that you wish to watch
  • Easily available on the Roku, the app costs about $40 per month. Go without commercials for just another $5 a month
  • Default DVRs are at 50 hours. Pay $15 extra to get an expanded DVR of up to 200 hours
  • The provider offers more than 50 channels in just one package and this includes ESPN


The other channels that you can download to watch NFL on Roku are YouTube TV, fuboTV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV Now.

To know how to get these channels on, call our experts +1-877-302-5260 to install or configure your device.

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