While subscribed television and on-demand viewing are some of the primary offerings of any streaming media, the average ‘budgeted’ consumer is looking for more than just these. They are constantly vying for returns on their investment as well as value-added services, embedded in various ways within the entertainment.

Roku private channels 2019 are for those who are looking for added value ensconced within their current viewing capacity.

List of Roku Private Channels 2019 | Hidden Channels

List of Roku Private Channels 2019 | Hidden Channels

Roku Private or Hidden Channels

Also known as non-certified channels, private or hidden channels on the Roku are not displayed on the channel store. This is because they primarily non-approved versions and are in a beta phase.

Adding Roku Private Channels 2019

To append private channels of your choice into the Roku, you first have to mount them. Search for them by typing ‘Roku Private Channels’ and a list will pop-up. Thereafter,  choose the specific channel code to  install it.

  • For the private channel addition open a web browser from your computer or mobile phone
  • Link the Roku account to the player and then, to access hidden channels, click on the ‘Add a Channel’ option alongside the private channel that you wish to add
  • Type the ‘Channel Access Code’ unique only to the particular account into the box that appears on Roku’s website
  • Thereafter, the app appears on the player’s account, ready for installation on the Roku

Roku Private Channels 2019

While there are a number of private channels available on the Roku platform, there are some noteworthy apps that you can add to the player.

H9DWC – Nowhere Channel

  • Add the Nowhere Channel to watch sports content through the Universal Sports Network, White House Press Briefings and the live local news, CNN International, BBC and much more
  • Users can also enjoy food and cooking programming along with some blockbuster movies and other learning
  • The Nowhere Channel is one of the most popular hidden / private channels on the Roku

ALOGIC – Amateur Logic

  • With the private code ALOGIC watch the Amateur Logic Channel that broadcasts many electronics projects
  • You can watch raspberry pi, listen to amateur radio and then, computers

VRQHQ – Relax TV

  • You can watch rain storms, tropical lagoons, waterfalls, and fireplaces
  • Add the Relax TV channel to do exactly that – Relax


  • Lots of action with Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts
  • There is a lot of horror, sci-fi and action movies
  • Enjoy all of these streams 24 / 7

NOWHEREBULLET – Nowhere Bullet

A screensaver for the Roku with Push Bullet notifications

TWITCHTV – Unofficial Twitch

  • Compatible with a variety of streaming utilities, users can find video playlists on the channel absolutely free
  • Besides, there are several user-friendly options available on the channel
  • It is one of the most ideal platforms where avid streamers can broadcast their work

Check with our agents for more Roku Private Channels 2019 to add to your player. There are many more hidden channels you can add other than the list above for which, use our toll-free helpline +1-877-302-5260 and also Go to Roku.com/link for channel activation

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