Get a SHOWTIME subscription to obtain live TV access and order unlimited on-demand content on the SHOWTIME ANYTIME app.

The Showtime Anytime on Roku broadcasts some of the most acclaimed blockbusters, sports, comedy, documentaries, original series and much more. SHOWTIME ANYTIME comes free with a subscription to the primary, SHOWTIME.

To get a list of all the participating providers to the channel, Log in at on your Roku streaming device. The channel offers viewers both the East and West live feeds if you want to view the current live programming of the channel without subscribing to a cable or satellite box.

Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku |

Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku

  • Showtime Anytime is a subsidiary of Showtime and was launched sometime in 2010.
  • Other than that, its stunning sports programs launched alongside its broadband service and also, is well-known for its original programming content.
  • Available only for subscribers across the United States, to access content, users have to login using a pay television provider subscription.
  • Although, Showtime Anytime Roku can be accessed with Internet Protocol Television or IPTV too, which is slightly in contrast to satellite, terrestrial, and cable television.
  • Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku through the URL to continuously stream content from the internet.

Showtime Anytime on Roku

You can use the Roku streaming device to get rid of your satellite or cable TV subscription and at the end of the day, just save a little bit of money.

  • Hook up to a strong Wi-Fi internet connection and download all your preferred movies and shows including Showtime Roku to the television
  • Additionally, the Roku remote allows you to navigate easily through the player’s interface.
  • For most of the newer devices, the remote consists of a headphone jack that equips you with private listening facilities.
  • Furthermore, use the remote to go to the Roku Channel store and add Showtime Anytime to the channels list.
  • Obtain a Roku activation code after completing the Roku TV process
  • Take this channel activation code and open a computer browser
  • Go to that will link Showtime anytime Roku to your account.

Steps to Activate Showtime Anytime on Roku

To activate showtime anytime on Roku, one must use the Showtime account and link it with the Roku account via showtime is the most crucial step as your showtime account will be linked and ready to be streamed only after completing this showtime activation process. If you are finding it hard to understand, Read the detailed steps down here.

  • Connect the Roku to a display device, set it up and then turn it on
  • Thereafter, press the HOME (tiny house icon) button on the remote
  • From the menu on the left, open ROKU CHANNEL STORE by highlighting your option using the remote’s arrow keys
  • Here, choose SHOWTIME ANYTIME and add it to your Roku account
  • Alternatively, go to SEARCH CHANNELS to find Showtime Anytime under the MOVIES & TV category
  • Press OK after you have added the channel and then go to the player’s MAIN screen to visualize the selection

Showtime Anytime App

  • Whether you watch on a smart TV, game console, or mobile device Showtime works with every major streaming option. Subscribe to Hulu with Live TV or  to Amazon to watch the service.
  • Additionally, perform the xbox, xbox one and the Dish. And Enjoy the channel on the Xbox, Xbox One and Dish TV respectively.

If you wish to know more about activating Showtime Anytime on the Roku, Reach out to our experts by dialing +1-877-302-5260

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