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TruTV is an American channel and Turner Broadcasting system owns this channel. This channel had its inception in 1991 with a name called Court TV. Unlike other normal channels, this court TV focused on somewhat different kind of genre called ‘crime oriented’ thrilling subjects. Their shows mostly involved true crime-series and other dramas relating to the real-time criminal cases.

TRU TV on Roku

The court TV transformed into TruTV in 2007, and with its action-oriented, edge-of-the-seat shows and series, they didn’t let down the audience expectations with their program series. By proving their slogan called ‘Funny because its tru’ their programs are mostly targeted towards the true events and converting them into interesting drama sequences.  Go through this blog to know more about trutv on Roku and how to activate it.

How to do on Roku?

It is not an arduous task to get the tru TV channel network on you Roku. Follow the upcoming steps to get the channel activation done on site.

  • In the first place, link your own individual Roku account to your Roku streaming player using
  • Enter the Roku home menu, and access the channel store to search for any worldwide channel in Roku
  • In the meantime, to get truTV subscription, type the channel name in the store and select the right channel from the results
  • Click ‘Add Roku Channel’ option in the channel homepage to install the truTV package on your Roku
  • Undergo the necessary payment gateway step and you will get the channel activation code on your TV after a while
  • Navigate to site on your mobile or computer, enter the received activation code and tap submit button

TruTV Shows

As said earlier, the shows are primarily focused on action-oriented thrilling subjects, many programs from TruTV has got huge accolades. Some of the selective renowned shows of  TruTV are displayed here for you,

  • I’m sorry
  • Billy on the street
  • Comedy knockout
  • Hack my life
  • Impractical Jokers
  • Those who can’t
  • Lick life
  • Las vegas jailhouse
  • Hardcore pawn and many more

TruTV Schedule

TruTV always doesn’t disappoint their audience with some crappy shows amid the riveting one. Their schedule makes the audience stick towards all their shows. We provide you the current telecasting shows for all the hours, and you can easily check out the time schedule for your desired program in the TruTV site.

  • Impractical jokers: Inside jokes
  • Power smokeless grills
  • Balding solutions
  • Paid programming
  • Try total gym
  • Power air fryer oven
  • 5 makeup tips for you
  • truTV top funniest
  • The Carbonaro effect
  • Those who can’t
  • Jon Glaser loves gear

TruTV App

For all those curious and avid series watchers of truTV, by embracing with the truTV mobile app in your smartphone, you can’t miss out your favorite episodes. You can also watch the live simulcast and premier seasons through the app. Install in your mobile and catch all sorts of fascinating entertainment at the comfort of your palm.

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