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About 74% of the households as of 2015, had subscribed to the Hallmark Channel, across the United States. The channel largely remains a political but a survey does indicate that it has found loyalty in some of the conservative viewers. Audience in the rural and suburban areas seem to prefer Hallmark as their go-to channel especially for family and home viewing. Performing the tv.hallmarkchannel.com/activate provides a good mix of movies and several miniseries primarily targeted at families. Viewers are mostly struck by their noteworthy seasonal programming lineup that also includes the very popular Countdown to Christmas.

Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku | tv.hallmarkchannel.com/activate

Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku

The following blog talks about how you can activate the hallmark channel on your Roku streaming player and who are the providers that you can interact with to get this channel on your Roku. It further elaborates about the different ways in which you can actually watch the channel. In the end, get a list of the seasonal programming available on Hallmark.

Hallmark Channel Activation on the Roku Player

Users can activate hallmark channel on Roku by going to tv.hallmarkchannel.com/activate. This procedure is particularly important because viewing regulations require users to input a hallmark channel activation code that is automatically generated on Roku player. Furthermore, this hallmarkchannel.com activation code has to be entered at the tv.hallmarkchannel.com/activate  URL on your Roku to obtain complete viewing rights to the channel.

Steps to Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku

Complete the Hallmark Channel Activation on the Roku in just a few minutes .Most of the Roku channel activation steps are prompted by wizards that are strategically placed for every user’s benefit.

  • Press HOME on the Roku’s remote and then click on Roku Streaming Channels
  • This should help you find the Hallmark Channel icon in the Roku Channel store
  • Find out more about the Hallmark Channel on the Roku’s channel list
  • Check out the SEARCH field on the top of the screen. This way you do not have to scroll through rows and rows of content to get to yours
  • Install the Hallmark channel on your Roku and launch it thereafter the moment the HOME screen is visualized
  • Conclude Hallmark channel activation successfully once you have followed all the steps for channel activation

Roku Users Can Watch the Hallmark Channel in more than One Way

  • Activate Hallmark Channel on Roku and enter your cable subscription credentials to add and view content on the Hallmark Channel, which is also the primary way to enjoy it.
  • For those who are aware of the myriad of benefits that Roku holds for them, get a subscription to Sling TV, which is cheaper than Cable. Starting from just $25 per month, get a free 7-day trial first from Sling.
  • Get subscriptions to DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue, both of which host the Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark Channel’s TV Providers


  • On the satellite, Hallmark is available with DirecTV, Dish Network, and Sirius XM.
  • With DirecTV, you will find it under channel 1312 if you wish to watch in HD and under channel number 312 if you want Standard Definition.
  • Tune in to Channel number 185 on the Dish Network and to Channel 70 on the Sirius XM, to watch Hallmark.


Cable subscriptions are available for the Hallmark Channel under Spectrum Cable. Founded almost 25 years ago, the company even features on NASDAQ.


  • For IP TV subscriptions, you should be able to watch Hallmark with Verizon FiOS on channel numbers 240 and 740.
  • Standard definition broadcast are available on Channel 240 while HD is rendered in channel 740
  • Hallmark Channel is also present on AT&T U-Verse
  • Watch this under number 365 in Standard Definition and under number 1365 in High Definition.

Streaming Services

  • Finally, streaming media services for the channel are available with Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and Philo TV.
  • To find the station, check the internal protocols on the services
  • Activate hallmark channel on Roku streaming device with the help of Roku.com/link

Hallmark Channel Everywhere on Roku

This very popular tv.hallmarkchanneleverywhere.com Roku is available in the Roku player’s Channel Store. Hallmark and its other associated programming services are available for Roku users through participating cable and satellite providers.

  • Those who subscribe to Sling TV and Philo TV, can check internal broadcasting rights that these streaming services hold with the Roku.
  • A complete lineup of notable full episodes, original series and some wonderful original movies are available here.
  • While simply browsing through the videos does not cost anything, you may have to input subscription details to watch all of them fully.
  • Perform the process as follows

First go to the HALLMARK CHANNEL ->then choose SETTINGS ->and finally, SIGN IN and follow all the guidelines you see


  • Till date, Countdown to Christmas remains one of the most preferred programmings by a wide audience across the United States above all others.
  • Even more, the block actually features a great mixture of series, movies and holiday-themed programming, in originals especially attuned to the holiday season. 

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